Intuitive Living

Internal truth

Nature is our gateway back to wholeness. She teaches by example and already knows she is perfect. She doesn’t question herself or try to be any different than she is. She knows her natural system was build perfectly to run her own machine and no one else’s. She feels and expresses that constant JOY of just BEING, you can feel it. She can support herself. She needs to be treated right or she starts to break down.

Most of our problems come from being disconnected from our internal guidance system. Our society conditions us from a young age to line up with externals, other people’s opinions and standards that were created by society, not by god. We have issues with our bodies, our relationships and our life because we continue to try and measure up to these outside messages and abandon our internal truth!

I love being social, but I find my center and answers when it’s just me and her☘🌊🐾⛰

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