There is beauty and happiness hidden in the simplicity and basics of life, but these days we live in a system that takes our awareness away and distracts us from the connection with ourselves and life.

Nature is providing us with everything we need in quality and quantity. But the luxury in the material world that is meant to be as a tool is often misused by greed. We can’t really blame each other or ourselves because this is how the biggest part of society works and how we often were raised.

We are all same souls with different bodies, different experiences, and needs in the search for happiness. None of us is the same, but one thing is sure, we all deserve the best.

LEARN to tune in to your own sensations, feelings, impulses, inner rhythms, and needs of that moment – In the moment.

OBSERVE it as it evolves, flows, and changes as it guides you intuitively from moment to moment, from day to day.

RE-AWAKEN what you already know but may have forgotten as we are all genetically pre-wired. Learn to pay more attention to what it feels like rather than what it looks like.


For example, if you’re feeling an overabundance of earth energy that leaves you stagnant or stuck, a very fluid, creative type of movement and fuel may be true for you.

If you are feeling very sensitive or overwhelmed with emotions, you could re-claim your personal power with a fire-driven practice. Strength and core-focused motions to improve your confidence may be perfect for you.

If you are feeling very overwhelmed or your thoughts are racing, a slow, grounded, restorative practice will counterbalance that with earth energy.

If the shadow side or fire element is at play (anger, unhealthy ego, frustration) it could be time to get grounded and grateful, and explore fluid and softening movements.

For many of us, our days are structured from the moment we wake up. Allowing ourselves time, performing intuitive movements, and fueling our body to its needs, creates a sacred event to tune into ourselves first. Creating this awareness will guide us to our inner strength and self-love. This is what we will reflect on the world, which increases health, peace, and happiness.

Myself, I connect when I just close my eyes, tune in, and breathe. From there I know exactly what will be my focus that day. Using your body is a sacred tool, that guides you to something very precious. Challenge yourself, but know your boundaries.