Why Plant-based Keto

The moment I choose to eat plant-based I actually became “carbatarian”, living on bread, oats, potatoes and other grains, along with lots of fruits and beans/soy for protein without the awareness some of these products high in carbs or food combinations can promote inflammation.

KETO, This new weird diet might actually be the best one for fighting inflammation. I often carry an inflammation inside my body that results in symptomes like allergies and asthma.

Since the Keto diet is low in carb, moderate protein and high in fat, we’re able to transition our body from a sugar burner to a fat burner and put our body into a state of ketosis, just like a conventional ketogenic diet but with a plant-based twist. Putting ourselves in a fat-burning state of ketosis, we soothe inflammation through a variety of pathways in our bodies.
Besides investing in my own health it’s always a nice idea to think about the environment as well, so lets give this a try🍃


The first breakfast KETO porridge, my try-out, comes from overnight chia seeds, ground flax seeds in coconut milk and some water.

Chia seeds go a long way after an overnight soak. 1g net carbs per serving (12g total – 11g fiber) Together with the flax seeds it’s also full of Omega 3. ~> 2 spoons each!

🥥1 cup coconut milk with some water, as it lends some natural sweetness and creamy flavour to the chia pudding. Let it soak overnight with the Chia and Flax.

🍯Sweetener (optional)
We’re all about limiting excessive use of sweeteners where possible, but a few drops of stevia go a long way. Try for example stevia vanilla or caramel drops for this one. To combat my sweet tooth I used none🙈

Fresh berries, Coco flakes, pumpkin seeds

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