A great way to reset or add more quality to your lifestyle is by starting at “ZERO”.

Fasting is thé way to give your body and mind the opportunity to let go of old believes, habits, addictions that keeps you from being “you”. Time after time I am still surprised about what our body is capable of by drinking only 3 juices a day.

Juice fasting is a short and intense way to lose a lot of “shit”, mentally and physically. It creates space in our body and mind that we often fill up with toxins from food, thoughts, believes, medications, drugs, alcohol, stress, pollution and so on.. Another great thing about juice fasting is that we create awareness by being away from our daily routine. A powerful opportunity to integrate your own believes and habits into a new lifestyle.

In 1, 2 or even 3 weeks(depending on your needs) you will go through your own personal transformation. The first days can be a rollercoaster with many ups & downs, especially if you come from deep down. I always say the more you suffer the more you have to let go and the more your body is in the need for renewing and transformation. The result after the fasting is deeper wisdom and discernment. A person can often come to live in a “higher plane” of awareness just by being able to think more clearly. When toxins are eliminated from the body through juice fasting, the blood that flows through our veins is much cleaner and more powerful which, in turn, energizes the mind, it is truly amazing! I have seen people crippled by depression, suffering from high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetic, rheumatism and even cancer make dramatic recoveries through fasting. It is definitely a powerful start to the recovery process by giving your body high quality nutrients in readily available form for your body to use toward rebuilding.

To stimulate the detox process and increase the quality of life even more we introduce you to a movement program for body, mind and soul.

We need to wake up by knowing what is really going on in the food industries to make better choices for our own health, but also the environment and our planet earth.


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