“I intended to be smoother and fitter through yoga in a pleasant way. Therefore I participated to the ONLINE YOGA / KETO retreat with Ilona.

During a juice fasting retreat in Portugal, I notified the intuitive teaching method of Ilona. Ilona is a delightful, cheerful, sweet, very knowledgeable, and experienced person. In Portugal, I already noticed that her method did a lot for my body. I got more flexible and gained lots of energy at the same time. After I left the retreat, I tried to do yoga in many different ways, but it just didn’t work for me. That’s why I was thrilled with the online retreat.

The ONLINE YOGA / KETO retreat offered yoga twice a day, and every day there was an opportunity to exchange experiences and ask questions about the Pure Keto Lifestyle, all through “ZOOM.” The Pure Keto nutrition guidelines were less important to me. However, healthy food always had my interest, so I decided to also participate in the daily Pure Keto lifestyle talk.

I loved the Intuitive Yoga Flow classes, as the poses were well built up, and were easy for everyone to follow. By the end of the week, we had covered the full Sun salutations, Warriors, and all kinds of exercises in the field of strength and flexibility. To keep the movement going, I was pleased to hear Ilona announced that she was going to offer Yoga classes based on membership. As a member, you can take two intuitive Yoga classes a week at regular intervals and repeat them afterward for a few days. Very nice. I am going to be a member”!

Alie Karssens

“The ONLINE YOGA/KETO retreat was exactly what I needed. I liked the way Ilona teaches her Yoga classes, intuitive while giving me more strength and flexibility. The introduction to the Pure Keto lifestyle was an eye-opener for me. I’ve learned to change my diet without it coming across as very drastic. I haven’t been hungry for a moment. I’ve eaten delicious meals and snacks and lost 3 kilos! The best part is: nothing is a MUST. Ilona stimulates you to listen to your body, your feelings, and, therefore, your intuition. Never before have I followed a plan where you don’t have to weight yourself, count, or measure. Thank you, Ilona! I feel like moving on with this”.