To live fully and aware, we need to take care of our body, mind, spirit, and environment. There are many tools we can use to become a better version of ourselves and deepen our awareness. As a teacher and lifetime student in Nutrition and Body movement, I am happy to share the experiences that made me grow in love and joy.

FUNCTIONAL YOGA CLASSES are a combination of Yin and intuitive Yang yoga, that will target deep connective tissues and muscles. We always finish the practice with a nice relaxation, a moment of awareness and gratitude. Classes are shared online in real-time and uploaded in the PBM member area. You have the possibility to practice to your needs, any time, any place. More info you can find @ https://www.pureilona.com/functional-yoga/

FOR THE LATEST SCHEDULE, VISIT: https://www.pureilona.com/schedule

PURE KETO DETOX is a perfect tool to extinguish the fire in the body and mind that often leads to stress and many other inflammatory reactions. It is a serious tool that helped me, and now also maybe you, with your healing journey. More info you can find @ https://www.pureilona.com/plantbased-keto/

I hope you will find the tools in life that create the best version of you possible.